Destination - United Kingdom

Tuition Fees

UK is very popular with Indian students because it is cost and time efficient. The educational programs are shorter and the tuition fees are about 40 – 60% cheaper than that of the USA. For e.g., an MBA course which costs about 18-20 lakh rupees in the USA will cost only 12-15 lakh rupees in the UK. A table will come here


Subsidies or Bursaries are a very popular form of scholarships, which UK universities frequently award to our students and are anywhere between GBP 1000 – GBP 2000 on the tuition fees. Candidates with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams, extracurricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship, awards and financial aid.

Additionally, financial help from various sources is also possible. General information is available at:


Undergraduate Courses:
Applications are made only through UCAS (only 1 application per student can be made in an academic year). It is an online application method. One can apply to 5 different Universities on the same application form. A fee of £ 23 is charged by UCAS to process applications and £ 12 if applying to just one University. Applications to certain universities can also be down without the UCAS application system. These applications to universities are also free of cost and are available at all EDU-World offices.

Postgraduate Courses:
Indian Students wanting to pursue their post-graduation studies in the UK can apply to a number of universities.

It is important to note that UK Admission offices work on a rolling basis, which simply means on a first come first serve basis. Thus it is crucial for a student to begin his procedure at least 8 to 10 months in advance to the semester intake in order have the best chance in getting through the institutions and equally importantly receiving scholarships. Applications to PG programs are free of cost and are available at all EDU-World offices.