Destination - United States of America


Bachelors Degree: 12th standard passing certificate or equivalent, TOEFL/IELTS examination and SAT – 1 entrance examination. Ivy League/top schools require an additional entrance examination called the SAT – 2.

Masters Degree: 4 years of undergraduate study. However a select few colleges do admit Indian students with a 12 + 3 years of study for certain programs. In general, in order to satisfy the US requirement of 4 years of undergraduate study requirement of the US, a student would require a BCOM (or related Bachelors degree) plus the first year of the MCOM program. A science student would require at least the first year of the MSc., while an Arts student will require at least the first year of the M.A. degree. GMAT is required for business studies whereas GRE is required for sciences, engineering and top arts programs. TOEFL/IELTS is again a must for all students.