Destination - United States of America

Tuition Fees and Application Fees

Tuition Fees

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Application fees

Each American university has an application fee, which can vary from $30 to $250. The average cost of application per university can be safely taken as $50 - $60 per university.


Scholarships vary from20% - 100% of the tuition fees. The U.S. is the most liberal country to offer scholarships to Indian students. Both Private and Public Universities offer a large number of scholarships to students to reduce their tuition fee expenses. Candidates with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams, extracurricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship, awards and financial aids. Student might be required to write additional essays based on a topic given by the university, might be required to give a telephonic interview etc as part of application procedure to gain scholarships. The candidate’s overall quality of documentation submitted to universities also is a factor at many universities. It is important to know that the procedure for Scholarship is to be done at the same time of applying for admissions.Because of high competition in getting scholarships, a student is advised to file his application for admission and scholarship at a U.S. university at least 10 months in advance to the program commencement date.


In an assistantship, the student is expected to work with the university. This is very beneficial as the studentnot only learns while working but also receives tuition fee discounts and is paid per hour for his work. The amount of assistantships usually average around 50% of the tuition fee or in many cases is enough to cover a student’s living expenses for an entire year. Assistantships are generally of four types: Teaching assistantships (where the student assists a professor in a teaching role), Research assistantships (where the student assists in performing research to the academic department), Department assistantship (where the student works in the academic department) and Graduate assistantship (where the student works in the administrative department of the University).

Living Expenses

The average living expense for the USA is anywhere between USD 8400 – USD 9600. This amount includes food, clothing, transport, accommodation, utilities, mobile phone bills, books and personal expenses. This amount is there average amount that is sufficient for most Indian students but can vary depending on a student’s individual lifestyle. Living expenses are subject to variations from city to city.