Destination - Canada


Many schools have accommodation conveniently located on or near their campus. On campus housing is offered by almost every college/university. Undergraduate students may be required for stay by the university/college on campus for at least a year until they familiarize themselves with the surroundings of the place they are living in. As best practices, for both undergraduate and post graduate Indian students must live on-campus for the first semester of study before moving to off-campus housing. Generally under-graduate students choose on-campus housing, while post-graduate students choose off-campus housing options. It is important to know that on-campus housing works out as an stay option that is at least twice as much expensive than a couple of students renting out a place by themselves outside the campus area. The latter is a very popular option among Indian students. Local websites are the best resources to use as they publish lists of available apartments or homes available for international students. Many Canadian colleges and universities provide Housing Departments for helping with accommodating their students’ on-campus as well as off-campus.

Work while you study:

International Students are allowed to work 20 hours a week on-campus and off-campus. A co-op work permit is available for students who need to work as a part of their studies. Students can work full- time off campus during studies, co-op terms and vacation time helping them to not only cover their expenses but also make additional savings.

Living Expenses:

On an average, an Indian student will need approximately CAD 10,000 towards living expenses while studying in Canada. This amount includes food, clothing, transport, accommodation, utilities, mobile phone bills, books and personal expenses. This amount is the average amount that is sufficient for most Indian students but can vary depending on a student’s individual lifestyle. The Cost-Earning chart shows how Indian students studying in Canada can cover all their living expenses and have the opportunity to make savings.

Cost Earning Chart Table will come here..

As a result, during a year, students have the opportunity to earn a minimum of $12,800 by working while they are in Canada. The average student expenses per year are $10,000. As a result, students have the opportunity to build up a savings of approximately $3000 per year while they are studying which can be used towards paying or recovering part a student’s tuition fee amount.

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC):

Every student who wishes to apply for a Canadian student visa is recommended to open a GIC account for living expense purposes. More details will be provided an EDU-World Canada specialist counselor