Destination - Canada

Country Education System:

Categories of Academic Institutions:

Universities: All major Canadian universities are publicly funded but maintain institutional autonomy, with the ability to decide on admission, tuition and governance.

Community Colleges: Community colleges have the primary function of responding to the training needs of business, industry and the public service sectors. They also meet the educational needs of vocationally-oriented secondary school graduates, employment-seeking university graduates, as well as the lifelong learning requirements of the adult population. They offer professional programs of 1 to 3 years (often including a work term) that are highly sought after in the job market.


Graduate Certificates/PG Diploma: These programs are amongst the most popular programs Indian student’s opt for and are widely recognized by the Canadian Government. This specialized program is taken after completion of Bachelors degree in India which is usually one to two years in duration. These programs are typically offered by colleges and are highly sought after in the Canadian job market. The cost of the same is about half when compared to a Master’s program in Canada.

Diploma: This is a post senior secondary qualification awarded on successful completion of a program which is usually one to two years in duration. These programs are typically offered by colleges.

Bachelor degree:This is an undergraduate program is a post senior secondary qualification awarded on successful completion of three to four years of study. These programs are typically offered by universities and lead to graduate level studies or jobs in Canada.

Bachelor degree (Honors):This undergraduate program comprises a higher degree of concentration in the honors subject, as well as a higher level of academic achievement. At some universities, an honors degree may require an additional year of study.

Undergraduate Diplomas leading to a Bachelor’s Degree: Students can complete and attain an undergraduate degree in 4 years. A majority of Indian students after their 12th std are opting in for studying “The 2+2 undergraduate programs” which becoming increasingly popular as a study option in Canada. Under this program, a student would do his first 2 Bachelor years at a college, attain a Diploma and then transfer directly to the third year of university without wasting any time repeating years. Students looking to earn a degree with honors may, have to take additional classes in order to satisfy more difficult requirements.
The advantage such a program is a) Flexible Entry Requirement b) double qualifications c) cheaper costs involved in studying in Canada d) students may even opt out after the 2nd year when they attain a Diploma and begin working Full-Time in Canada thereby earning money quicker and becoming a Permanent Resident faster
Students can also enroll directly into a Bachelor’s program which is of 4 years directly without “The 2+2 undergraduate programs” option.

Masters Degree: Masters Degree qualifications (including MBA) take 2 years to complete. Provided that a student completes required projects and all coursework, Canadian students can complete a master’s degree in even a year. Canadian Institutions offer MBA programs from a diverse number of fields and subjects.

Array of Courses

Canadian universities and Colleges offer a diverse number of courses from different fields of study. Some of the popular courses that Indian Students enroll for are:

  • - Engineering & Technology
  • - Business, Financial & Administration
  • - Culinary, Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism
  • - Education, Comunity and Social Services
  • - Energy, Environmental & Natural Resources
  • - Associate of Arts degree, Law
  • - Health, Medical and Food