Destination - Canada

Why Eduworld ?

  •  American-educated Directors team with 20+ years of study abroad counselling experience.
  •  An extremely professional and comprehensively trained team of counselors.
  •  High-end service provider with extreme focus on QUALITY, not quantity
  •  100% Admission Success rate: Successfully placed 20,000 students sent to various international destination
  •  99% overall success rate in visas
  •  Outstanding proven track record in procuring scholarships for our students
  •  Professional grade- Absolutely personalized attention, customized packages and a quality of service that is the best in the country. The most supreme level of organizational discipline that is further enhanced by a state of the art client management system.
  •  A one-stop service provider: From educational counseling to visas. All services provided under one roof, from admissions to visas!!
  •  Vast range of Universities, Courses and Country options with customized Packages and solutions to suit every background, career plan and budget.
  •  Official representative of more than 200+ top colleges/universities from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany and other countries.
  •  Help with Student Loans, Accommodations, Air ticketing with extra luggage and more!!
  •  EDU-World is a member of AAERI (Association of Australian Representatives in India). We are also a certified Singapore education specialist. Edu World is also a member of AFECI ( Association of Foreign Educational Consultants in India)

Our Services

  •  100% success rate with admission of students for colleges/universities in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Switzerland and Italy.
  •  99% success rate with expert Visa Guidance through personalized tailor made consulting services.
  •  Focus on Scholarships, bursaries and application fee waiver to help reduce your financial burden.
  •  Small batch size coaching provided for IELTS, TOEFL & PTE exams to ensure students gain high exam results.
  •  Personal guidance by experts for course, university and country selection based on your, career goals, budget, location preferences etc.
  •  Assistance with university/college application forms, scholarship procurement forms, document preparation and editing of documents like essays, recommendation letters, resume etc.
  •  Constant follow-up with the university admission officers for admission offer letters, scholarships etc.
  •  Meeting with University delegates from over 200+ universities for direct interviews, spot admission offers and scholarships
  •  Free services for admissions and visa guidance processing to all the 200+ universities/colleges we represent in over 10 countries.
  •  Help with education loans, airline ticketing with extra luggage, insurance, housing accommodation, airport pick up services, foreign exchange etc. to support your education abroad.