Destination - Singapore

A great place to study!

Welcome to the new global education hub: Singapore. Singapore’s proximity to India makes it the choice of destination for a large number of Indian students. Singapore is also the financial hub of Asia, offering very lucrative job opportunities due to the high quality of education in Singapore. The country is ranked no.1 in ease of doing business and is a center of global talent with many multinational companies setting up offices and Global Education institutions starting campuses in Singapore. Singapore’s rise as a global hub for business and education has been a result of not only because of the quality of education, ease in getting jobs for Indian students and cutting edge infrastructure but also because of the country’s peaceful, stable and cooperative social and political environment. Singapore today is easily regarded as one of the safest place to live in making it a preferred destination for thousands of Indian students each year.

Why Study in Singapore ?

  • - Premier education destination offering students an international study experience.
  • - Opportunity to earn a USA, UK or Australian Degree while in Singapore.
  • - Affordable tuition fee costs and living expenses.
  • - A highly modern and cosmopolitan City at the heart of Asia providing a higher standard of living than most Western cities.
  • - Globally regarded as one of the safest and cleanest places in the world to live in. Nearest Destination - 5 to 6 hours away, thus encouraging students to visit home frequently.
  • - Extremely developed city with cutting edge infrastructure that is home to many global institutions and companies. As a result, Singapore offers Indian students access to a large number of highly lucrative jobs.
  • - All Singapore professors compulsorily have to do a 3-year teaching course at NIE (National Institute of Education). This ensures the quality of education.
  • - There are 97000 international students in Singapore from over 120 countries. In total, about 1.1 million foreigners in Singapore.

Quality Assurance

The Ministry of Education of Singapore comprises of The Higher Education Division (HED), which supervises the provision of tertiary and technical education in Singapore as well as registration of private schools. HED also oversees the development of autonomous universities. The duty of HED is to navigate and support the development and quality of post-secondary education as well as offer quality services to private education providers.