Destination - United Kingdom

Accommodation / Living Expenses

On campus housing is offered by almost every college/university. However, this works out as an option that is at least twice as much expensive than a couple of students renting out a place by themselves outside the campus area. The latter is a very popular option among International students. Generally under-graduate students choose on-campus housing, while post-graduate students choose off-campus housing options.

Health Insurance:

Health care is in most cases free for international students. The student is likely to be able to take advantage of National Health Service (NHS) treatment, as well as reduced-cost medicines, dental treatment and eye tests.

Student Visa Applications

Even an admission to Oxford University shall hold no value if the visa preparations is not sufficiently done according to the requirements of the US Consulate officers. EDU-World provides a comprehensive Visa guidance, which enumerates on the following:

  • Visa Application Registration
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Visa Document Checklist
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Visa Mock Interviews
  • Information Latest rules and regulations
  • Personal Approach to building up confidence

Work Permit & Migration:

Under the latest UKBA rules, a student can stay back in UK after completion of studies upto 4 months. As a result, from the time a student starts his/her program, he/she has 16 months to find a job. According the current UKBA rules, an international student is only eligible to legally work in the UK provided he/she meets certain prerequisites as mentioned by the UKBA. A number of UK universities are having tie ups with Indian companies so that once the student completes his/her education in the UK, he can come back and begin his work here in India.

Employment Opportunities:

There is a wide number of opportunities to work in the UK for international students from a diverse range of fields such as Agriculture, Applied and Pure Sciences, Architecture building and planning, Business & Administrations, Computing and Information Technology, Creative arts and design, Education and teacher training, Engineering and technology, Environmental sciences, Health and Medicine, Humanities, Law and Legal studies, Social sciences and communication, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and many more.

International students can gain the opportunity of working full-time in the UK through a number of ways such as working as an intern at a company/institution during part time studies and later working full-time after completion of studies, meeting companies during on-campus placement fairs organized by the university, applying for jobs via online job portals, company websites and via newspapers etc.

Some Portals are:


Living Expenses:

Living costs for an academic year are about £9600 per year (outside London) and £12000 per year (inside London). This amount includes food, clothing, transport, accommodation, utilities, mobile phone bills, books and personal expenses. This amount is the average amount that is sufficient for most Indian students but can vary depending on a student’s individual lifestyle.

Work while you study:

International students working in the UK can earn £6 per hour on an average while working in the UK. Students in the UK have the opportunity to either on campus or work off-campus as well which allows them opportunity to earn more. International Students in the UK are allowed to work 20 hours per week during their semester and 40 hours Full-Time during their vacation time.

Paying for your education:

The cost of education in UK is an affordable investment whereby a student can complete his dream of getting a foreign degree. This allows the student not only to reduce costs but also begin working and earning income earlier. When it comes to paying his tuition fee expenses, a student can avail the following opportunities:

  • • Bursaries offered by UK Universities: EDU-World works closely with most UK Universities to offer candidates bursaries discount of up to GBP 2000 that can bring the cost of tuition fees down by 15% -25% depending on the institutions overall tuition fee. The key to attaining bursaries is to begin the process of applying to UK universities early. Students must also remember that UK Admission officers look out for professional grade applications that highlight each and every candidate unique professional and personal achievements which the the EDU-World team of specialist trained UK counselors help each student to achieve.
  • • Scholarships: Scholarships greatly reduce the tuition fee expenditure borne by a student. Once again the key to achieving scholarships is beginning the process early. Please refer to the Scholarship section to for help with a list of scholarship opportunities offered to Indian students for studying in UK.
  • • Education loans: Student can avail education loan facilities through a number of nationalized banks, private banks and financial institutions. These financial institutions offer bank loans of up to Rs. 20 Lakhs. Most financial institutions offer bank loans up to Rs. 8 Lakhs without the need for collateral and security. Due to competitive nature of the market many financial institutions offer competitive interest rate. Additionally, many institutions offer flexible repayment plans which allow students to repay the outstanding loan after six months on completion of the course.