Covid-19 Updates

We are pleased to inform you that NHS England’s newly published Covid-19 vaccination FAQs for students in higher education institutions confirm that all international students in the UK are eligible to receive a free vaccination in the UK. The guidance provides further information on how students can access the vaccine, including what to do if they have already received the first dose outside of England.

As you may be aware, we’re actively planning and working towards a full return to face-to-face teaching from the start of the Autumn Term in September 2021. Students will have full access to our wonderful grounds and facilities, including the Library, study spaces, and our specialist resources. 

 In line with UK Government guidance, we will continue to provide a safe campus for our students and the rest of our community, allowing our students to focus on their studies. 

The Niagara College Quarantine Team (NCQT) is ready to support the arrival of students to Canada for their Fall 2021 term.

NCQT would like to help students begin planning for their arrival to Canada now and support the organization of their mandatory quarantine period. Next steps to start arranging travel:

  1. Students who have received their study permit and are ready to travel to Canada beginning now.
  2. After emailing their study permit, students are asked to complete this form.
    • Please do not email NCQT to let us know this form has been completed.
    • We will reply to the student with travel block dates once their submission is processed. 
  3. Students should monitor their Niagara College student email account for an email from the NCQT with the next steps for their approved travel block dates.
    • Please note, that Niagara College provides specific travel dates to students, which allow us to support their entire journey to Canada while complying with the Canadian Federal Quarantine Act.
What you need to know
The Government of Canada has updated their travel policy. Quarantine requirements have been updated as of July 5th, 2021 for international travellers to Canada based on vaccination and recent COVID-19 recovery status.

Fully Vaccinated Students

(with a Public Health Agency of Canada approved vaccine)
  • Will be exempt from the Federal quarantine requirement but are still required to complete a quarantine period, with Niagara College in Niagara, while they await their PCR Arrival Test. Niagara College adheres to both federal and provincial requirements as per our approved Designated Learning Institutes (DLI) approved COVID-19 readiness plan, which currently states quarantine and isolation requirements for travellers entering Canada under our DLI are to observe Niagara College’s established quarantine policies and practices.
    • Average reduced quarantine period for fully vaccinated travellers is 4-5 days, but could be longer depending on test results processing times.
    • As students are entering Canada as a registered student with Niagara College, they must do so under the conditions of our DLI approved COVID-19 readiness plan.
      • Self-quarantine plans will not be approved for individual travellers.

Unvaccinated Students
  • Will continue to be provided with full quarantine guidance and support by Niagara College
    • including assisting with their 3-day federal quarantine, transportation to the NC Quarantine facility after their federal quarantine completion, and the remaining 11 days of their quarantine with Niagara College to complete their 14-day government-mandated quarantine.

Niagara College will continue to subsidize 50% of the total quarantine period for a student, less extensions and additional charges, for currently enrolled students, who remain enrolled for their full subsequent term, up to $1,300 CAD.

Niagara College is also able to offer students a discounted rate for Air Canada, where applicable.

Indian National Charter Flight
(For Hybrid & On-Campus Fall 2021 Students Only)
We understand the global pandemic continues to present challenges around the world, including the government-mandated suspension of flights from India until July 21.  We hope you know we are here for you and your students. 

Niagara College is delighted to share with you that we are in the final stages of chartering an Air Canada aircraft from Delhi, India direct to Toronto, Ontario tentatively for the week of August 22nd, 2021.

  • Seats on this charter aircraft will be exclusive to Niagara College students only.
  • Interested students, who are currently enrolled in hybrid or on-campus programs for Fall 2021, are encouraged to complete this Expression of Interest form via this link immediately as space will be limited and the form will close for submissions on July 21st.
  • By completing this form now, students will be contacted immediately upon the charter flight confirmation, after July 21st, 2021, to reserve their seat and be eligible to enter into a draw for a free business class upgrade.
  •  Important details regarding this charter flight, including price, are also found via the Expression of Interest form.

 ***Students are asked NOT to book any travel arrangements until Niagara College’s Quarantine Team has contacted them and has advised them that they are able to do so as there are specific travel block dates to support their arrival***

We would like to share with you some news regarding COVID-19 conditions for entering France. You have seen that the situation has changed very recently concerning the conditions of entry in France from India. You will find more information on the website of our embassy.

As a consequence, travel to France is now possible for Indian students if they provide proof of a completed vaccination schedule. Only vaccines authorized either by the European Commission or the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM) are accepted for this purpose. The vaccination schedule is considered to have been completed 28 days after the administration Of one dose of the Janssen vaccine and 7 days after the administration of a second dose for other vaccines (Pfizer/Comirnaty, Moderna, AstraZeneca /Vaxzevria /Covishield).

Additional information will be communicated through the Embassy within the next few days, But all the Indian students of your schools/universities should, After having completed the procedures with Campus France,  Submit their visa application file now to our service provider VFS Global.

The link below will allow them to complete the online form, as well as to make an appointment:çais-en-Inde

COVID-19 continues to disrupt education across the globe.  Cancellation and postponement of final secondary school examinations have occurred, in many countries, including in India and Nigeria.  In acknowledgment of these challenges, accommodations have been made to the University of Windsor’s undergraduate admissions requirements. The University of Windsor endeavors to employ a fair and equitable approach and ensure that the situation of each applicant is considered during the admissions process.

For exam-based education systems of study that are forced to cancel examinations, this will not prevent you from satisfying your conditions laid out in your Offer of Admission letter. The University of Windsor will accept final results issued by your school or board based on any adjusted assessment methods implemented. Pass/Satisfactory grades will also be accepted for general admission and pre-requisite requirements if no other form of final grades is available.

For secondary school students, the completion of your secondary school diploma/credential is required, along with the appropriate minimum averages and pre-requisite requirements for the program applied to. For conditional offers on final grades, the final submission can be made by September 15th, 2021. Official copies of your final transcript and school diploma/credentials can be submitted to up to the deadline of October 31st, 2021.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via live chat or through service inquiry at Please note any additional information will also be posted our COVID-19 website at

The Government of India has been supporting the efforts of States and UTs for an effective Vaccination drive under the ‘Whole of Government” approach since 16th January this year. With the aim to universalize the Vaccination drive, the Government has opened vaccination for all adults above 18 years of age with the onset of Liberalized Phase III of India’s vaccination strategy from 1st May 2021.

It has been a constant endeavor of the Union Government to streamline the vaccination process to increase coverage of all segments of the population. In this regard, taking note of the several representations received by Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for allowing administration of second dose of Covishield for such persons who have only taken first dose of Covishield and are seeking to undertake international travel for educational purposes or employment opportunities or as part of India’s contingent for Tokyo Olympic games, but whose planned travel dates fall prior to completion of the currently mandated minimum interval of 84 days from the date of first dose, Union Health Ministry has written to States/UTs to facilitate vaccination of such persons.

The Ministry has issued SOPs in this regard which have been conveyed to States/UTs. States/UTs have been advised to widely publicize and take all necessary measures to immediately implement these SOPs.

The SOPs are as follows:

At present, based on the recommendations by National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19 (NEGVAC), the schedule of the Covishield vaccine under the National Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy is to administer the 2nd dose at 12-16 weeks interval (i.e. after 84 days), after administration of 1st dose.

With the receipt of several representations for allowing administration of a dose of Covishield for such persons who have only taken the first dose of Covishield and are seeking to undertake international travel for educational purposes or employment opportunities or for participation in India’s Contingent for Tokyo Olympic Games, but whose planned travel dates fall prior to completion of the currently mandated minimum interval of 84 days from the date of the first dose, the issue was discussed in Empowered Group 5 (EG-5) and appropriate recommendations have been received in this context.

With a view to providing full coverage of vaccination and facilitating international travel for such genuine reasons, the following procedure shall be followed for the administration of a second dose of the Covishield vaccine for such beneficiaries.

This special dispensation will be available to —

Students who have to undertake foreign travel for the purposes of education.
Persons who have to take up jobs in foreign countries
Athletes, Sportspersons and accompanying staff of Indian contingent attending International Olympic Games be held in Tokyo
States/UT governments shall designate a competent authority in each district for according permission for such administration of the second dose of Covishield.

The competent authority shall check the following before according permission for the administration of the second dose before the period of 84 days after the date of the first dose —

Whether a period of 28 days has elapsed after the date of first dose.
Genuineness of the purpose of travel based on documents related to —
Admission Offers or associated formal communications for the education.
Whether a person is already studying at a foreign educational institution and has to return to that institution to continue their education.
Interview calls for a job or offers letters for taking up employment.
Nomination to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games.
It is advised that vaccination may be availed in cases through Passport which is one of the permissible ID documents as per the current guidelines so that the passport number is printed in the Certificate. If a Passport was not used at the time of administration of the first dose, the details of the photo ID Card used for vaccination will be printed in the vaccination certificate and mention of the Passport in the vaccination certificate is not to be insisted upon. Wherever necessary, the competent authority may issue another certificate linking the vaccination certificate with the passport number of the beneficiary.
This facility shall be available to those who need to undertake international travel for these specified purposes in the period up to 31st August, 2021.
All technical protocols as prescribed in the Guidelines of the Ministry regarding COVID Vaccination Centres and AEFI management etc. shall have been followed.
It is clarified that Covishield, produced by the Serum Institute of India and approved by the DCGI is one of the vaccines by the WHO for use as on 3rd June 2021. The relevant entry is at serial number 4 of the WHO EUL is available at: June%202021.pdf

Mention of vaccine-type as “Covishield” is sufficient and no other qualifying entries are required in the vaccination certificates.

The Cowin system will soon provide the facility for the administration of 2nd dose in such exceptional cases.