Visa Counselling

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Due to our thorough and detailed oriented process, EDU-World enjoys a visa success rate of 100%. Visa Counselling is the second most important component of study abroad Counselling. Without a valid study permit, even an admission in a top Ivy League University will be of total waste. Every country has its own visa regulations and these must be adhered to with strict discipline. Our team of visa specialist ensures all application forms are filled with absolute accuracy, and every required document is furnished in absolute accuracy.

Every visa officer wants to be convinced of the student’s pure intentions to study. Finances and scholarships are also very important with the general rule being that the finances shown must be adequate to support a student’s tuition and living expenses while in the foreign country and this greatly betters a student’s chance of procuring a study permit (visa).

Our team of experts assists students with each and every required procedure to ensure every student secures their study visa.

While Counselling students for visas our team of visa experts carefully guide on the following aspects to each and every student:

  • Visa Application Preparation and Registrations
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Visa Document Checklist
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Visa Mock Interviews
  • Information on latest rules and regulations
  • Personal Approach to building up confidence