Our Services:

EDU-World is backed by American-educated professionals and has more than 20 years of education-abroad counseling experience backing the company with a 100% success record in admissions and visas having placed more than 20,000 students at universities/colleges around the world. We offer the most complete solution for a quality education in colleges and universities around the world. EDU-World literally holds the students finger right from the stage of choosing the best college/university to applying for visas to providing educational loans.

core services

Admissions Counselling:

This forms the main component of our responsibility. EDU-World records a 100% admission success rate in student admissions at universities and colleges around the world.

Scholarship Counselling:

EDU-World has an outstanding track record in procuring scholarships and financial aid for our students from universities around the world, and one that is the best in the industry.

Support Services:

We understand that studying abroad for the first time can be a challenge. To ensure you have a smooth landing at your destination, EDU - World provides for a host of support services.

Visa Counselling

Due to our thorough and detailed oriented process, EDU-World enjoys a visa success rate of 100%. Visa counseling is the second most important component of study abroad counseling.

Coaching Classes

EDU-World provides aggressive coaching classes for all English entrance exams required for an education abroad. Our well-trained and experienced faculty coach students for the TOEFL, IELTS and PTE examinations